AIM Tribe: building strong, supple savageS

Best of both worlds: personalised training and group coaching.


Not sure if you're the right fit?

AIM Tribe is for everyday people who:

  • Want to physically develop themselves to be badasses who are strong, bendy, and skillful.
  • Want personal and group training.
  • Want to move well or excel in your existing passions like climbing, BJJ, yoga, etc.
  • Train 3 or more times a week.
  • Thrive in an environment of like-minded people dedicated to growing themselves and others.


Our guarantee for tribe members:

  • Clear path to your strength, flexibility, skills goals
  • Personalised program
  • Learn how to move well: prioritise quality over quantity
  • Limited Tribesters per class (16 to 2 coaches)
  • Learn to train strength/movement & make sustainable gains
  • Learn, play, and grow with Masterclasses & social events


Foundations are how we onboard Tribesters at AIM.

There’s 3 options pending your preference of training styles, goals and extent of personalisation you’re looking for.

It’s a great opportunity to experience strength & movement training at AIM, with no commitment to continue the program end.

In these training sessions, we teach you:

  • AIM’s Foundation and Fundamental movements
  • Tailored around your personal context, focusing on higher-level coaching.
  • Teaching AIM terminology and movements.
  • Prepare you for wider sessions on the AIM timetable.


Squad is a personalised training session limited to only 4 people as to keep the quality of information, work and focus high.


Foundations PT is a personalised training session where you train one personal training session per week scheduled at your convenience.


PT Kickstarter is a personalised training session where you train two personal training sessions per week scheduled at your convenience.

Ready to elevate your strength, flexibility, skill and education?