smart programming
that prioritises
strength AND flexibility

Transform the way you move and unleash a stronger,
more flexible and savage you for $59 per month

get instant access to 23 programs and all future programs

Take the thinking out of your training and get guidance and accountability
to hit your lifting, flexibility and bodyweight strength goals

Badass strength & flexibility

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Get As Strong, Supple & Savage As

Stop wasting time on training programs and training partners that don't prioritise strength AND flexibility.

Easy to use training app to choose your program & track your work

Choose your program from our in app menu, add it to your workout calendar and track all your work.

All movements include movement tutorials to observe and learn quality movement patterns.

Epic Tribe & Direct Access To Me

No more training in isolation, guessing what to do or how to do it. Get support and guidance from me in our online community.

Connect with like minded legends training the AIM Method across the globe on the journey to strong, supple savagery.

membership features

You get our custom training app including on demand access to all current and future programs, plus access to AIM Tribe online Circle community for $59 USD a month. Cancel anytime.

Smart Strength & Flexibility Programming

Take the thinking out of your training and know you’re on the right track to a strong, supple savage physique. Time efficient lifting, flexibility and bodyweight strength programs in the palm of your hands

Custom Mobile App

Easy to use app to choose your program and add it to your calendar, get the direction you need and track your work. Membership includes access to 23 current and all future programs.

Movement Tutorial Guidance

High definition videos for all movements breaking down the exercise to teach you how to move well and master great form

Epic Like-Minded Tribe

Join my online Circle community where you can connect with and get support from others just like you on the journey to badass strength and flexibility training the AIM Method

Detailed, Expert Guidance

Your Tribe will hold you accountable, I provide the support and guidance…finally have the direction and game plan you need to transform the way you move whilst unleashing a stronger, more flexible & savage you


I have a custom Training app to deliver your training (iOS and Android). You’ll create an account and be able to view all available programs, videos talking about the intent of each program and educational content to watch on demand. You select the program you want and add it to your training calendar, there you’ll find your program, reps sets etc and you can watch instructional videos on every movement and track your work. I’ll always list out detailed instructions too.

In the Training app there’s a link to create your login to the AIM Tribe Circle community where you can connect with me and others on the journey to being badass strong, supple and savage in the AIM Tribe. The Tribe community is accessed via the Circle mobile app that you’ll be prompted to download.

The program costs $59 USD per month or you can save a month’s subscription on an annual subscription. It’s a recurring subscription service which you can cancel at ANY time, and still get your full month of service.

There’s currently 23 training programs, the majority are 12 weeks in length covering ALL levels from beginner to advanced and suitable for a variety of goals from Strength, Flexibility, Calisthenics, Lifting, Conditioning, Rehab. Your subscription covers all future programs on my roadmap to be added in coming months.

Yes, you can switch your current program anytime in the app. Remember – my programs only work if you do and doing the work means being consistent, don’t be the guy or girl who switches programming continually and complains they aren’t seeing progress.

100%. I’m putting my back into you and the Tribe and every set and rep is prescribed by me. I’ll be in the Circle community asking and responding to questions too, so you’re getting the real thing.

All of the workout programs are available in the app only. This is because the app tracks all of your sets and reps to show your progress over time.

Generally speaking, workouts are all programmed to be able to be completed within roughly 60 minutes.

While a gym set up is ideal, it is not essential and the majority these programs CAN be done at home or with very minimal equipment or some modifications. We primarily use bands, barbell, dumbbell, a box or stool to step up on, something to hang off and gymnastic rings. I’m available in the Tribe community to help with setup questions or substitute movements.

Yes. I would recommend starting with the Basic Beast Builder. Inside the training app you’ll find videos talking about the intent of each program and who it’s suitable for to help you decide where to start. I’m also available in the Tribe community to guide you between programs on your journey through the AIM Method.

You get access to me in the AIM Tribe Circle community. Post ANY question about your training. Setup and form questions and I will reply personally to help you. I do not currently offer 1 to 1 coaching outside of the AIM Tribe Circle community.

The app is created for use by 1 person at a time. This is because the app has a training calendar and tracking specific to you.

All programs are designed around their own specific goal and level. Each program is split up into 2-4 separate ‘phases’ of training. Each phase is builds on the last, to keep you progressing without hitting any plateaus and specific to the style of training within it, ie lifting, flexiiblity, skills, bodyweight strength)

We accept credit/debit cards.

Yes. You can sign up for one month and cancel, or you may find that you benefit so much from the training that you want to stay on for a number of months.

You can cancel at any time. Regardless of when you cancel, you will still receive service for the entire month that you paid for.

Transform the way you move and unleash a stronger, more flexible and savage you

Take the thinking out of your training &
know you’re on the right track to have the life and body you dream of. It’s only $59 a month!