free zoom seminar: strength & movement programming

Free seminar for coaches

LEARN The roadmap i USE daily to build strong, supple, savage humans

simplify your thinking & upgrade your programming

We’ve all felt overwhelmed or confused when it comes to programming

There’s plenty of literature & information out there, but it all seems far fetched + complicated to implement in the real world with real people.

Join my free zoom seminar Thursday 8 December 2PM AEDT where I simplify strength & movement programming for coaches and share the exact way we help individuals develop long term while also giving them tonnes of short term wins.

You will learn:

🔹Where & how do we blend lifting, bodyweight strength & flexibility?

🔹Integral principles & concepts that every coach needs to understand & influence to help clients “win by design”

🔹AIM’s perspective & frameworks that we use daily with AIM tribe & coaches

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