move better. Develop your coaching practise.
grow faster.
fnally have the tools & confidence to guarantee results

100% online

Join from anywhere in the world with our online programming app and online community to connect with your coaches, peers, submit workout videos & receive feedback from our coaches.

personalised program

Train and learn the AIM Method to build strong, supple, savages x3 days per week combining lifting, flexibility & bodyweight strength modalities.

live weekly calls

Live coaching calls taught by AIM Academy founder & savage mover Vik Hawksley. Learn the frameworks, principles and deeper insights to train & coach the AIM Method with weekly hot topics.

experiential learning

You learn through your training experience & your peers', the best way to learn as a coach. You get strong, supple, savage yourself whilst getting the tools and experience to coach & mentor your clients to be the same.

Growth is slow trying to work out how to combine different modalities & find what actually works with real people.stop second guessing your coaching and start guranteeing results as an aim academy coach

join us for 8 weeks and learn the tools we used to build a waitlist business in just 18 months
In 8 weeks learn the AIM Method’ systems, frameworks & principles to train everyday people to be strong, supple & savage.
what you learn:

We cover the above in the context of one on one, online training, small group PT and group settings.

you train a personalised program to feel the movements, progressions, regressions, learn the cues and get personalised feedback as you go. 
doing it yourself means you get a much deeper learning experience, plus you learn through the lense of your peers’ experience over 8 weeks so You walkaway  able to apply the aim method to clients with different training ages, body types, learning styles, abilities.
what aim academy coaches say...
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