AIM internship sydney

AIM Tribe & business immersion: Be a better coach, mover, human in 20 weeks


STEP 1: fully immerse yourself in the AIM Tribe and business

STEP 2: learn our ways and grow as a mover, coach, human

STEP 3: walk away a world class coach

There’s one path to become a coach at AIM and it starts with the AIM Internship

an experential learning program that will completely transform you as a coach

...& CAN LEAD TO An offer to join our team

AIM interns learn the key skills to be an incredible coach:

Join our 8-week online Coaches’ Development Program, followed by a 12-week immersion in the AIM Tribe & business in Sydney

  • Learn all aspects of the AIM Method to train and coach strength & movement combining weight training, gymnastics, calisthenics, flexibility/mobility
  • Learn to program strength & quality movement in individual and group settings
  • Leadership development covering sales, marketing, public speaking 
  • Learn the art & science of coaching through classroom based learning and practical experience
  • Learn how to lead and structure workshops and masterclasses

an internship is a good fit for you if..

  • You believe in walking the walk as well as talking the talk, you want to be strong supple savage yourself & lead clients to be the same
  • You froth on the idea of being mentored and learning alongside other awesome coaches
  • You thrive on continual growth yourself and want to educate, empower and contribute to others’ growth
  • You want to move better, you love knowing the details and are keen to learn about our quality over quantity ethos training for longevity
  • You are qualified, have  insurance to work and have experience in the industry
  • You’re pumped at the possibility of working at AIM following the internship
information pack

know there’s more for your coaching but not sure HOW TO CARVE YOUR OWN PATH?

We hear you. 

One thing we have noticed over the years is the vital need for coaches to continually learn, grow and develop themselves as leaders.

That’s why we created the AIM Internship. Check out the information pack to learn all about the opportunity to learn and grow in our 20 week program.

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