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free resources to help you get strong, supple & savage

We help everyday people build a mind & body to dominate life, we hope the following resources help you do the same

02. Strength & Movement program
[free PDF program] // includes movement tutorials
AIM METHOD strength & movement
Train strength, movement & handstands in this 4 day a week program. Learn the AIM Method and experience first-hand how we combine strength & movement in our own unique way.
Free Resources (3)
[free PDF program] // includes movement tutorials
Get bent flexibility program

Win By Design with our full Body Flexibility program. Designed to get you strong & supple training two days a week for 8 weeks. 

Free Resources
[free PDF blueprint] // unlock tight hips
unlock Silky Smooth Hips in 3 STEPS

Overhaul your hips to move better, perform better and improve quality of life

05. Flexibility sessions on demand (Youtube)
Youtube workout library // on demand sessions
get bent flexibility SESSIONS

Train our flexibility sessions from COVID lockdown and get bendy with Vik on YouTube building some serious flexibility at home

04. Strength & Movement sessions on demand (Youtube)
Youtube workout library // on demand sessions

Get strong, supple & savage training with little to no equipment. Join Vik on YouTube to train the AIM Method at home

07. Essential Movements
[movement tutorials] // strength & movement foundations

If you want to be strong, supple and savage and dont’ know how to fit strength, mobility and skill into a program, this is for you

Free Resources
[movement tutorials] // strength & movement foundations

Learn to use breath as a tool to harness quality movement and higher quality of life.

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