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strength & movement foundations

Your journey to badass strength, flexibility and bodyweight skills starts with the AIM Foundations program

In 4 weeks you get personalised training and group classes, we build you from the ground up training strength & movement whilst immersing you in the learning environment at AIM.

Whether you want to build strength, muscle, hit a handstand, muscle up or just move well for life, this program's where you start at AIM.

There's only 4 spots to join the Tribe every intake to ensure you receive heaps of individual attention and keep the quality of coaching super high in our classes.

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Build strength, flexibility & improve the way you move (5)
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Next intake is 24 April 2023

YES! What sets AIM apart is our attention to detail on the basics we continually work to master. These are the small details that yield big gains and enable badass skills and strength to be built on top of. 

Everyone that joins the AIM Tribe learns our foundation and fundamentals, terminologies in this program that set you up for killer progress short, medium and long term.

The program caters to pre-built weapons and newbies to our style of training. 

We can build anyone up in strength & movement no matter what your starting position, capacity or ability. You progress at your own pace. After an initial chat if we think you’re needing more attention, we may recommend getting started with PT and transitioning to our Tribe personalised training + group classes model.

What’s common across our Tribe is the commitment to being better. If you show up and do the work, you’ll fit in well here. 

Our general advice is you need to move 3+ sessions a week to see awesome strength, flexibility improvements and see noticeable improvements in the way you’re moving in the four weeks. If that’s not possible for you, our one on one coaching may be the best option. Book a call to find out what’s best for you.

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No. Sorry it’s face to face training!

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Life's too short to settle for average training or average gains!

If you want to perform at your best
and continually better your best, we'd love to provide guidance & accountability to get you there.

If you're curious and want to see if AIM is for you, it takes 10 minutes on a call.

We hope to connect real soon.