strength & movement at our events.

AIM Events

For the everyday person who wants to become strong, supple, and savage in Sydney. Register at the bottom of the page to be in the loop with invites to experience training AIM Tribe style.

3 june 2023 // sydney
muscle up masterclass

Muscle Up is a badass skill to have in the repertoire! It's fun to work towards whilst developing awesome upper body strength, shoulder flexibility and supreme body control. In this 2 hour session we dissect the movement and educate you on the key components and drills to work towards a silky smooth ring muscle up.  

AIM Academy

For coaches who want to be strong, supple & savage yourself and elevate your coaching to build your clients to be the same.

2 SEPTEMBER 2024 // 10 week program for coaches

Learn the AIM Method to program and coach a combination of lifting, flexibility & bodyweight strength training alongside Vik and the team from anywhere in the world. Develop physically, get stronger and bendy-er and level up your coaching.

More badass events are in the pipeline.

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