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Join from anywhere in the world with our online programming app and online community to connect with your coaches, peers, submit workout videos & receive feedback from expert coaches.

personalised program

Train and learn the AIM Method to build strong, supple, savages x3 days per week combining lifting, flexibility & bodyweight strength modalities.

live weekly calls

Live coaching calls taught by AIM Academy founder & savage mover Vik Hawksley. Learn the frameworks, principles and deeper insights to train & coach the AIM Method with weekly hot topics.

experiential learning

You learn through your training experience & your peers', the best way to learn as a coach. You get strong, supple, savage yourself whilst getting the tools and experience to coach & mentor your clients to be the same.

Hey Coach!
do you Wanna get strong, supple & savage plus learn to coach your clients to be the same?
CDP is the first step on your journey to becoming a world class coach with AIM Academy.
Check out the video to see how you can move better, coach better & develop your passion into an even more effective coaching practice.
I Hope to connect soon, ViK


Develop physically and level up your coaching in this 8 week program blending training, coaching, education and mentorship

Whether you do 1:1 or group training, the blueprint and experience you takeaway will help you learn, implement & deliver a top notchAIM style training service to those around you

CDP is perfect for coaches who want to...

To fill your books as a coach or gym owner, be in demand and charge what you’re worth there’s one way to get there fast...

learn from people who already have what you want.

Meet your coach & mentor

Before AIM I knew I wanted to combine the best bits of all different training modalities, I wanted to piece it all together in a way no one else had.

Always having the tools in my toolbox to guide an individual in front of me to their strength, flexibility or skills goal was the dream.

I wasn’t naturally strong or flexible myself.

I didn’t grow up training gymnastics or sports that trained me to be bendy.

All I’ve done is dedicate myself to learning.

I learnt from the best in all different fields, experimented like crazy in my own training figuring out how to blend it all together and get real results for real people.

It’s nothing new under the sun…but it took me ten years!

“Education is cheap, experience is expensive.”  love this quote.

When you have a coach, you learn from experience and in getting experience you’re saving yourself from walking a path that might not lead to where you want to go.

Guarantee you will get there much quicker than you would alone.

That’s what CDP is really about…sharing my experience  and helping you grow.

Whether you’re just getting into the game or have been in the game a while; I guarantee you’ll be stronger, bendy-er yourself and a more confident coach with easy to apply frameworks in your toolset.

You’ll stop second guessing your coaching and take your craft next level. 

Apply to learn more. The next step is to hang out and get to know each other on a zoom call.

Hope to connect soon,

what you learn

We pull the curtain back on the AIM Method and you learn how to train and coach the Foundations & Fundamentals of Strength & Movement. From a solid Foundation, badass movers are built and that’s what we teach you to do via your own training and classroom based learning.


You learn:

  1. A systemised Approach to Building Foundations & Fundamentals: the Must Haves to master complex strength, flexibility, skills work. Language, principles & process we us on everybody we work with coaches included
  2. The Importance of Breathing & Lat Activation what, why & how
  3. Upper body development: biomechanics, principles, processes, exercise selection & execution
  4. Lower body development: biomechanics, principles, processes, exercise selection & execution
  5. Program Design & Frameworks for lifting, flexibility, bodyweight strength, including exercise selection & cues. Includes how to personalise Strength & Movement programs for clients in 1:1 and group scenarios
  6. Art of Coaching: Frameworks & systems of how to intelligently + effectively apply all the above in the real world with real people
  7. Small Details that Yield Huge Gains; the details most coaches miss that give clients big wins
  8. Frameworks Beyond Foundations;

        – Personalised Onboarding Framework to Connect, Assess & Educate Clients

        – Mentorship Framework for Goal Setting & Checking In

BONUS deep dives into programming and foundation movements


There’s two more programs in 2023, kicking off 17 July and 16 October

You train three sessions per week and attend a live call (or watch it back on demand)


Apply above and the team will be in touch to let you know when Vik is scheduling chats with interested coaches.

Yes. every walking talking badass in the AIM Tribe and in our AIM Coaches’ Academy starts with this program.

Learning how to build clients from the ground up in quality strenght & movement is key to every coaches’ success.

We educate coaches in more complex works in our 

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