The 8 Rules of Strength

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The 8 Rules of Strength

We always get asked about AIM's Method to building strength.

Turbocharge your gains by getting the basics right with these 8 simple rules.

Our quality of life and movement is dictated by our physicality. The benefits of being strong are well known, documented, and understood.

Being able to have the strength to physically express ourselves is a right everyone should strive for.

We often get asked:

  • How do I build killer strength?
  • What is the best exercise to build strength?
  • Can you write me a strength program?


The truth is, there are better questions to ask.  I hate to admit the industry is saturated with ‘experts’ boasting a proprietary system and secret formula to achieving killer results who would love to direct you on what to do. At AIM, everyone has a personalised program and we do the basics consistently and with intent. For us, the priority is educating our Tribe and arming them with the knowledge of their own bodies and fundamental movement principles so there’s much more ownership and accountability for the work being done. Always supported by great coaching too, of course.

So, rather than answer the questions above, I’ve decided to share the fundamental rules we work to at AIM that are going to help you achieve awesome results in your strength training. If you understand what’s needed for you and you apply them consistently.

I trust they’ll help you in the long term.

1. Understand your structures: If you don’t understand how your body moves then the world’s best techniques, programs, methods, and systems are going to be irrelevant from a performance and longevity perspective.

2. Appreciate coordination: You simply can’t strengthen things you can’t coordinate. Understanding your structures helps with this.

3. Time under tension (TUT) and Eccentric (negative) loading: This is the actual strength-building component of any movements that cannot be ignored.

4. Mobility is ability: You can’t build strength in the range of motion you don’t have.

“Sadly the industry is saturated with 'experts' boasting a proprietary system and secret formula to achieving killer results. At AIM, we do the basics consistently and with intent.”

5. Less is more: Adding more variables, making things more complex, chasing bigger numbers… this isn’t always best idea. Strip it back.

6. Stop copying others: They don’t have your structures, you don’t have their coordination, awareness or mobility… This is only going to get you so far (normally ends with disappointment and/or injuries).

7. You are never good enough to skip the fundamentals: The world’s best movers, athletes and performers still do their basics, so should you! Warm up, prepare, refine and keep developing your techniques to your movement vocabulary.

8. Listen to your body: Pay attention to that niggle! Learn to slow down. Missing a session, resting for a week or more is not the end of the world!

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or need any help, please do get in touch!

Exercise is optional, movement is essential,


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