The 18 Modern Principles for Strength, Mobility & Longevity

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The 18 Modern Principles for Strength, Mobility & Longevity

Einstein said, “doing the same thing but expecting different results is insanity.”

I’ve learned the hard way that there is never a perfect time to start.

Today is as good as any other day…

We should always aim to be better than yesterday.

Remember that progress is success.

Success in anything takes time, commitment, dedication, hard work, and most importantly patience.

To set myself and AIM Tribe for success, we revert to 18 Simple Rules…

These rules have fueled our development physically, plus mentally and emotionally too.

They have been refined and evolving for over 10 years.

Have yielded quality results.

They’re rules that are simple but often not easy…

Follow and implement these rules to set yourself up to be the best version of you, today!

  1. Start with WHY – be honest and clear on why you want to train
  2. Mobility is ability – you can’t get strong in range you don’t have!
  3. Have FUN – if it isn’t fun then you’re not going to be doing it for long!
  4. Consistency over intensity – Stop thinking about how hard you can go this week… start thinking long term.
  5. Get coached – don’t be scared or afraid to seek and ask for help
  6. Move well first then Move often – understand and lay a solid foundation before jumping to higher-level work
  7. Eat – stop paying attention to the newest diet… start with eating real and quality food
  8. Get tribal – be in an environment of like-minded people who support and challenge you
  9. Patience – Rome wasn’t built in one day. Be patient and consistent.
  10. What gets measured gets managed – keep a journal, do/redo tests, track you progress and know your numbers
  11. Variety is spice of life – try new things, learn new things and challenge yourself
  12. Too easy – if your training isn’t making you uncomfortable every so often then it’s not right for you!
  13. Breathe – you can stretch, strengthen or condition yourself but learn to breathe
  14. Play more – it’s the highest form of research
  15. Paralysis by analysis – stop over thinking and start taking action
  16. Stretch – do more of it!
  17. Take responsibility – you only have one body and you’re in charge of it!
  18. Step into the cave of fear – Expose yourself and your weaknesses to grow yourself.


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