5 Quick Questions to Achieve Life Changing Results In Group Training

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5 Quick Questions to Achieve Life Changing Results In Group Training

5 non-negotiable questions to consider when looking at group training options to set you up to achieve killer results.

Not all group training is equal!

These days most people invest time and energy in their health and fitness to look after themselves. We dedicate time to get and keep the body composition at the desired state, get strong, improve our cardiovascular fitness, maybe try to make mobility gains and perhaps use exercise as a mindset tool to keep us sane 😉.

But here’s the problem; everyone’s short on time. Trainers can qualify in two weeks with what seems like a diploma from the back of a cereal box in some instances. Plus, there are shedloads of information available on social media on what to do (most rubbish, some good!). Going to the gym can be intimidating, full of big egos and everyone looks like they know what they’re doing, although I’m not convinced they all do!

Enter group training 😊. Training in a group can be so much better than by yourself – right? You have the convenience of choosing from allocated times where the workout is planned for you, there is a trainer to guide you, plus more people means extra support, push, and motivation to do better. Often you get to be part of an awesome community and it can be cheaper than working one on one with a coach.

With so many group options available, how do you choose? To help those who are committed to being the best version of themselves here are 5 non-negotiable questions to ask:

1. Quality – what is the quality of information and work?

Ensure the information provided is good, the trainer explains the movements and feedback is provided. We recommend no more than 12 people per trainer to ensure the information is not diluted due to large group sizes. Ensure the focus is also on form and not just counting reps and sets and keeping you moving.

2. Personalised – are the movements progressive and personalised to your current abilities? Is their periodic testing to track your progress?

We all have different body types, move differently, and are at different levels. Why would we rock up to a group fitness class and do the exact same workout as 20 other people? If so, you’re not maximising the results from your efforts.

Yes, it’s a group session but just because you’re training with others doesn’t mean your progress should not be measured and tracked.

Look for training options that program progression options during the workouts and track your strength, mobility, and body composition progress.

3. Education – Are you being taught how and why you are being trained rather than just being shown what exercises to do?

Understand the why behind your training to help you keep the quality of your training super high. Also it’s becoming more common for training facilities to offer much more holistic health and lifestyle education as part of your training. Nutrition, stress management, time management and relaxation techniques can all help you achieve not only your training goals, but lead a better quality of life.

“We all differ in body type, the way we move and are at different levels. Why do we regularly rock up to a group fitness class and do the exact same workout as 20 other people?”

4. Training Methods – Is the group training one-dimensional or building you for the future?

Your training should not just be about getting a good sweat on or getting ridiculously strong – both are valid and should be part of a more varied program.

Ensure the body is being prepared to move well for years to come, not just smashing you all the time in the name of shedding body fat before summer. We promote a focus on mobility, coordination, balance, and building strength. Set goals around learning movement skills like how to do handstands or ring muscle-ups, as well as aesthetics. When you focus on learning and progressing how you move, the aesthetic benefits come too!

5. Community – do people know your name and what you do?

You can tell a lot by the vibe you get from the tribe! Take note of how welcoming and fun the community is! At AIM we believe to maximise personal growth you need a tribe that challenges you while supporting you to be the best version of yourself. If you can see the comradery between people; all of banter, fun, and support, it’s likely you’ll achieve much more there than you can elsewhere.

A great community helps inspire and motivate each other both inside the gym as well as outside! When was the last time you got a call when you didn’t turn up to your session? Expect much more from your group fitness provider than just a workout J.

Take away

Group training makes sense but the industry is saturated with options, not all of them are great! Remember what may suit one may not suit another. You must be clear on your intention and priorities of why you want to train or move. If you are serious about being the best version of yourself then hopefully by considering our 5 questions, you’ll find the right group for you 😊

Go get it!


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