6 quick questions to check the quality and effectiveness of your training

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6 quick questions to check the quality and effectiveness of your training

The real secret to the AIM Tribes' amazing progress and improvements

You’ve seen so many of our TRIBE make huge transformations without them taking their clothes off! Progress on their mobility, unlocking movements, learning new skills, getting stronger and staying injury free!! Trust me…. our tribe look good naked too 😊

Our priority is to serve our clients to the highest of standards. We achieve this by listening, assessing, educating, coaching then training them to improve, maintain and sustain the QUALITY of movement and life they came to us for.

Are you achieving the transformation you’re aiming for? Be honest with yourself, are you making progress in areas that are important to you?

Whether you’re somebody who rarely moves or a constantly active person who loves to train and move, here’s AIM’s 6 questions to ask yourself if whether you’re on track to improving the quality of your movement results and life…

1. What is my intention?

Setting your intent is probably the most important thing you can do – period! You need to know what success looks like if you want to achieve something. Many people think they know what they want but unless you define it in written words what exactly is it you want and how you’re going to get there, then it will remain an ideal.

The AIM Tribe write down their intentions in order of priorities to achieve them. Once we’ve set the destination we reverse engineer the path and plan accordingly. We regularly check in to reassess and keep track of how well we are progressing towards our intentions.

AIM TIP: Reverse engineering your intention help you be realistic and hold you accountable at the same time.

2. Do I know how to get what I want?

Once you’re clear on your intentions then invest in LEARNING what you need to do to get there. Most importantly know why and how to get there. This is especially important if you are a beginner or about to do something fairly new!

If you don’t know how to fix or enhance a car do you use YouTube or take it to a mechanic?

Invest in a good coach who will educate, guide, and empower you to move and train efficiently, effectively, and safely that’s aligned with where you want to go. They should be preparing you to be confident to go out and put the work in by yourself.

Side note: coaches need coaches – make sure your coach has one too 😊

3. Do I have a program?

Are you following a program or method that is right for your intention and with your current knowledge and physical capabilities considered? A program’s only going to deliver on its promises if it’s tailored for you and you can execute it properly – beware of following that awesome get shredded program you saw in Wo/men’s health or downloaded from the internet!

On the other hand stop jumping from program to program because you aren’t seeing the results in the first 2 months!! Stop blaming the program and honestly question your execution of the program!

AIM TIP: Do some research… everyone these days is an ‘ONLINE’ guru with a kick-ass program… But is it right for YOU? It needs to be well thought out with your goals and NEEDS in mind.

“If you don't know how to fix or enhance a car do you use YouTube or take it to a mechanic?”

4. Am I consistent with my work?

Maintaining consistency is key if you want to achieve anything. You need to be consistently putting in the work to reach any worthwhile goal. There are going to be days when you lack motivation or days when LIFE gets in the way! Embrace this and do something rather than nothing!

Love the quote: “Consistency over intensity!”

AIM TIP: If you are struggling to be consistent then think about readjusting your plan along with looking back at your intentions and think why it’s important to YOU.

5. Do I know if I'm making progress?

You’re clear on your intention , you invested in a coach, are following your program and putting the work in… BUT are you making any REAL gains?!

Simply put – do you TEST and RETEST?!

You are getting stronger but how much stronger? You are more mobile but where from and how much? You’re getting leaner but do you know your full body composition?

These are important for number of reasons but the most important one being – are YOU better than yesterday?!

AIM TIP: We track movement improvements in mobility + strength via pictures and the ability to execute higher-skilled work. Body composition testing we do via DEXA scans. These tools allow us to track, record, and motivate us to improve, maintain or sustain our intentions.

5. Do I know if I'm making progress?

Or am I just tired of doing the same old sh*t different day?!

Its great and important to have a plan but don’t get to caught up in the end goal or result! We all will struggle at some point. Focus and celebrate the small wins along the way. Be grateful for the positive changes and progress.

AIM TIP: Have fun learning new things, doing things you thought weren’t possible before all while surrounding yourself with people who support and appreciate you stepping closer to achieving your intentions – this makes the journey that much better 😊

Take away

If you have a clear goal, expert support to get you there, test along the way and are having fun, killer results are sure to come. Check in with yourself continuously on these questions and make refinements accordingly.

Want your training to be effective and fun? Get in touch, at AIM we prioritise both.


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