5,6, 7 may 2023

Hey Coach!Would you like to know how AIM builds strong, supple & savage humans?I am pulling the curtain back for a handful of keen coaches who want to learn & train the AIM method in Sydney with me.

What’s the IMMERSION weekend about?

The weekend is really about pulling back the curtain and giving you the inside track to how build supple savages at AIM:

  1.  Foundation: language, principles & process we us on everybody we work with coaches included
  2. Upper body development: biomechanics, principles, processes, exercise selection & execution
  3. Lower body development: biomechanics, principles, processes, exercise selection & execution
  4. Flexibility: Principles, progressions, processes & application of this modality alongside the above
  5. Programming & art of coaching: Frameworks & systems of how to intelligently + effectively apply all the above in the real world with real people
  6. Pick my brain: I will be sharing all my failures, breakthroughs, wins & experience from training, running a team & business



In short, I am creating an experience for you where you get hands on:

– Knowledge in the form of physical training & classroom style learning

– Experience applying my systems, frameworks & principles we use to implement AIM METHOD.

– Guidance from me personally, helping you personally & professionally


Whether you’ve been in the industry one or ten years, our style of training is new to you or not, you’ll be able to stop second guessing your coaching ability and guarantee results for both your clients and your business.

Whether you do 1:1 or group training, the blueprint and experience you takeaway will help you learn, implement & deliver a top notchAIM style training service to those around you.

there's a caveat!

I plan to do this with a very small group of people to make sure the experience is one of a kind.

What to do next: if this excites you tap LET’S GO to learn more & enrol


We’re running the weekend 5-7 May 2023.

Enrol above and let us know you’d like to receive a call and one of the team will buzz you.