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Say goodbye to feeling lost with your own training, confused on how to grow as a coach and not getting the clients you really want.

Don't be a slave.

feeling stuck and not progressing as a coach is super draining!

We see it all the time, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

On top of the usual energy and income struggles, there’s the lack of direction and progress in your own training. You need to live free, passionate, inspired and continually learning to succeed long term as a coach.

You got into this business as a passion, you don’t need to feel lost not knowing how to coach and program strength, flexibility and skills. Feeling stuck coaching clients who only want to train for aesthetics or not knowing how to progress as a coach is a downward spiral with your motivation.

We created AIM Academy for coaches just like you who are wanting more out of your passion, to move like a badass and be able to coach your clients to be the same. 

If you froth on the idea of being mentored and learning alongside other successful coaches, 

AIM Academy coaches can expect to:

  • Learn from the best in our 8-week online OR 6-week in person Coaches’ Development Program
  • Get a clear pathway to develop personally and professionally
  • Learn how to train and coach strength and movement combining strength, mobility, skills modalities.
  • Train a personalised program and receive group coaching
  • Receive programming insights in one-on-one and group settings
Free Resource

know there’s more for your coaching but not sure where to start?

We hear you.

One thing we have noticed over the years is the vital need for coaches to improve their knowledge and teaching philosophy when it comes to the four fundamentals of movement.

We created this free resource to help coaches get a clear plan for exactly that. Download it now!

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